Current status of Project Work - S. Wieman

WIRC-POL (Chuck Henderson)

Optomechanical Design Support for Polarimetry upgrade. This optomechanical work is separated by specific task

4. Chuck H. is handling H2_RG mounting and necessary dewar mods contingent on an acceptable H2_RG detector becoming available

Chuck H. WIRC-POL SOW: SOW_Chuck_Henderson_7_14_16.docx

Schedule of WIRC-POL optomechanical upgrades (basis for CH SOW): WIRC-POL_schedule_7_14_16.xlsx

Precision Cryogenic dewar drawings have been used to partly convert 2-d hardcopies to SW CAD models in the vault under:WIRC->WIRC-POL->WIRC-POL Preliminary Design-> and Precision Cryogenics 2-D hardcopy drawings were scanned into file: PC_WIRC_Drawings.pdf
Task Status

Two-position focal plane mask for:

a. full-FOV (current configuration)

b. reduced FOV (reduce background behind spectro/polarimetric traces)

Bi-stable Mechanism preliminary design complete in the SW Vault under: WIRC->WIRC-POL->WIRC-POL Preliminary Design->06_30_16FieldStop mechanism.SLDASM

Mechanism actuator, either push pull solenoid or stepper motor (precise actuation unnecessary due to bi-stable design) is still required. the current design was presented at the PDR on 7/22
2. Zemax modeling for verifying optomechanical design decisions (e.g.,* WIRC-POL_PG_AOI_7-8-16_weekly_meeting.pdf : Pol. Grat AOI Zemax ) Current .zmx for WIRC-POL upgrade 4quadrant_WIRCPOL_diff_grat_Lens_arry_7deg.zmx and 4quadrant_WIRCPOL_diff_grat_Lens_arry_0deg.zmx : originally an interim version until IUCAA model is provided (still awaiting). The above non-sequential Zemax files for determining ghosting are the most current as of 7/22.
3. Chuck H. is handling mods to filter wheel to accommodate the GRISM & PG and provide 1.0 milliradian clocking alignment:

Telic optics drawings are partially converted to SW CAD models in the vault under: WIRC->WIRC-POL->WIRC-POL Preliminary Design->COLD-COL-WIRC-OPTICS.SLDASM. Chuck has done some investigation to verify that a design based on limit switches (of a specific type) will be sufficient for providing the 1 mrad required filter wheel orientation tolerance.

SED Machine (Jeff Zolkower)

Initial work was done to address the problem of shifting of the spaxel locations and spectral trace separation in the IFU images leading to failure of the data reduction pipeline (DRP) to extract reliable spectra. The shifting has occurred repeatedly at intervals of about 2 -3 weeks and shows signs of occurring as both a modest gradual shift with time (intervals of weeks) as wells as isolated, larger rapid (overnight) shifts. One illustration of this shifting is in: Example_of_SEDm_spaxel_shift.pdf which includes a progression of IFU images shown as overlying contour plots to highlight shift of spaxel location with time relative to a reference image.

A source of this shifting was rotation of the optics barrel that houses the SEDM collimator optics and lenslet array. This barrel is just upstream of the SEDM prisms and was originally secured into a vee-block using tension springs - a mounting which allowed it to be fairly easily rotated, and slightly shifted axially, by hand. On the occasions that the barrel shifted to the point that reliable data could not be obtained through the DRP, it was found that alignment could be restored by manually rotating the collimator barrel. Notes from one such re-alignment procedure are in: SEDM_collimator_rotation.pdf

To prevent this recurring loss of lenslet alignment, the tension springs used to hold the collimator barrel in place were replaced with split clamps. These clamps were intended as somewhat of an interim fix that could be installed with minimal disassembly of the instrument and without interruption of nightly observations. Following installation of the clamps a load cell force sensor was used to apply a 14lbf load (about 2 times the weight of the optics barrel) to the barrel opposite a dial indicator to measure any displacement. Displacement under the applied load was less than 3 microns which is within the observed fluctuation of the indicator readout with no load applied. Notes/pictures describing the installation and tests are in SEDM_collimator_clamp_replacement.pdf . Loss of collimator/lenslet alignment has not recurred between the installation of the clamps (6/30/16) and the writing of this summary (7/13/16).

Camera optics downstream of the SEDm prisms are mounted in a similar vee-block/tension spring arrangement. Replacement clamps like those installed on the collimator have also been made for these camera optics, but have not been implemented because the procedure required to install them would require further SEDM disassembly and downtime. These clamps and associated hardware were left with R. Walters.

The SEDM Solidworks CAD models are on the SW vault in the SEDM project folder

HCST (Jason Fucik)

Design/Specification of optic mounts, mechanisms, optical enclosures

Initially planned optic mounts and mechanisms have been added to Jason's Solidworks model of the HCST layout in the SW vault under HCST->HCST CAD MODELS->HCST Preliminary Design->HCST 20160405A.SLDASM. Proposed mechanisms and mounts for the telescope simulator pupil mask, and vortex chronograph pupil plane masks and focal plane mask were shown with an associated price list (~$20k) in the July 6 weekly meeting in which some refinement of the requirements for aligning these optics (and for indexing different mask in and out of the beam) were discussed. Based on this discussion, I will provide a revised mechanism and price list and update the Solidworks model before I leave on 7/22.

Work was done to develop a mount for the Boston Micromachines (BMM) Kilo-DM that would be less susceptible to acoustical vibrations to which Kent W. had found them to be susceptible. An initial design was based on direct rigid mounting to the ZIF socket to which the DM package attaches. This design was thought to be an improvement over the stock mount with attachment points only on the DM circuit board - an approach that was deemed susceptible to the transfer of acoustical vibrations excited in the circuit board to the DM. BMM did not explicitly discourage the custom mount design but did indicate that it would void the warranty primarily because it could potentially damage the ZIF socket. Details from the email exchange with BMM are here:BMM_Kilo-DM_exchange.pdf . It also includes additional details about how the ZIF attaches to the PCB which make the plan of direct-mounting to the ZIF seem less appealing. As of 7/22 still awaiting some answers from BMM needed for revised mount design - document with email chain updated with the latest exchange.

ZTF Documentation (Rich Dekany)

1. Document Binders

  • Cryostat
  • Shutter, Robotic Filter changer, Hexapod. P48 Updates

2. Alternative for greater file access flexibility

3. I&T plan, Commissioning plan

Items 1. and 2. above are being prepared in parallel. Item 3 has not yet been started.

Other (Rich Dekany)

Zemax model (WaSP_meniscus_dewar_window_PTF_shutter.zmx ), and Summary (PTF_Shutter_Summary.pdf) related to check whether the PTF Shutter might work for WaSP.

Zemax model ( ) , and Summary (NESSI_PG_dispersion.pdf ) related to check if NESSI can be configured for PG

These items are done for the time being but included above so that the relevant files are available if still needed.

-- SethWieman - 08 Jul 2016

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Unknown file formatzmx 4quadrant_WIRCPOL_diff_grat_Lens_arry_7deg.zmx r1 manage 343.3 K 2016-07-23 - 00:39 SethWieman WIRC-POL Zemax model with PG at 7 deg AOI
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PDFpdf NESSI_PG_dispersion.pdf r1 manage 276.7 K 2016-07-12 - 21:51 SethWieman detector plane dispsersion for a PG in NESSI
PDFpdf PC_WIRC_Drawings.pdf r1 manage 6226.6 K 2016-07-11 - 04:20 SethWieman Scan of 2-D hardcopies from Precision Cryogenic
PDFpdf PTF_Shutter_Summary.pdf r1 manage 2082.3 K 2016-07-12 - 21:16 SethWieman Summary of SW and .zmx models to determine compatibility of ZTF shutter with WaSP
PDFpdf SEDM_collimator_clamp_replacement.pdf r1 manage 468.9 K 2016-07-11 - 05:56 SethWieman Collimator barrel clamp replacement notes
PDFpdf SEDM_collimator_rotation.pdf r1 manage 755.4 K 2016-07-11 - 05:09 SethWieman Notes describing an alignment done on the SEDm collimator barrel to restore lenslet alignment
Microsoft Word filedocx SOW_Chuck_Henderson_7_14_16.docx r3 r2 r1 manage 16.6 K 2016-07-15 - 18:48 SethWieman SOW for WIRC-POL optomechanics contract
PDFpdf WIRC-POL_PG_AOI_7-8-16_weekly_meeting.pdf r1 manage 514.0 K 2016-07-08 - 23:05 SethWieman Pol Grating AOI Zemax
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheetxlsx WIRC-POL_schedule_7_14_16.xlsx r2 r1 manage 32.9 K 2016-07-15 - 01:22 SethWieman Schedule basis for Chuck H SOW
Unknown file formatzmx WaSP_meniscus_dewar_window_PTF_shutter.zmx r1 manage 22.7 K 2016-07-12 - 20:09 SethWieman Zemax file of P200 with Wynne corrector for evaluating use PTF shutter
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