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IRMS is a powerful early-light, adaptive optics-fed, reconfigurable near-infrared multi-object spectrograph (MOS) based on the architecture of the completed MOSFIRE spectrograph developed for Keck Observatory (2005-2012) by Caltech, UCLA, and UCSC.

Project Status

IRMS is in a mini-conceptual design phase, concentrating on design changes arising from recent updates to the NFIRAOS optical design. Key goals are to understand the implication of the changes to field and pupil curvature to the previously developed IRMS concept designs, evaluate the impact of these changes to the thermal design of the large cryo-vacuum enclosure, and develop conceptual cost and schedule estimates for construction.

Link of the Day: IRMS Team Meetings and Reviews


The current IRMS mini-study is a partnership between Caltech and University of California, Riverside. The Project Scientist is Prof. Bahram Mobasher, UCR. The Study Manager is Dr. Richard Dekany, COO. The Instrument Engineer is Robert Weber, COO.

The partnerships for preliminary/detailed design and construction of IRMS are not yet determined. For more information on the Thirty-Meter Telescope Project, visit the TMT Home Page.

Science Team (as of 8/16/11)

  • Bahram Mobasher (UCR)
  • Masayuki Akiyama (Tohoku University)
  • Peter Capac (SSC)
  • Mark Dickinson (NOAO)
  • George Djorgovski (Caltech)
  • James Dunlop (Edinburgh)
  • Nobunari Kashikawa(NAOJ)
  • Nick Konidaris (Caltech)
  • Mike Rich (UCLA)
  • Chihiro Tokoku (U Toyko)
  • Toru Yamada (Tohoku University)
  • Project Documentation

    Technical Library Organized by Product Breakdown Structure

    • Optomechanics
      • Optical Design
      • Dewar
        Internal Structure Ass'ly? Thermal Connections? Shield Assemblies?
        Field Lens Ass'ly? Flexure Compensation System? Filter Wheel Ass'ly?
        Inner Window Ass'ly? Grating/Mirror Turret Ass'y? Collimator Ass'ly?
        Pupil Mask Mechanism? Camera Ass'ly? Cryogenic Slit Mask?
        Detector Head Ass'ly? Getter Assemblies? Acquisition/Guiding Subsystem?
        IR Tip-Tilt-Focus (TTF) WFS? Dewar Shell? Vacuum System?
        Coldhead Assemblies? Vacuum Window Ass'ly? Cable Wrap Ass'ly?
      • Instrument Rotator?
    • Electronics
      • Instrument Control Electronics?
    • Software
      • Instrument Control Software?
      • Data Reduction Pipeline?
    • Services?
    • Calibration Procedures?
    • Observatory Interfaces

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