Test Directory in Dropbox TargetConvergence folder XML Used for Test XML Created from Test NOTES
06_12_14_17_42_30_TargetRun CobraConfig_061214_1    
06_16_14_10_36_21_TargetRun CobraConfigAdjstd1    
06_16_14_23_18_51_TargetRun CobraConfig_StrkMaps1_061214    
06_17_14_11_21_32_TargetRun CobraCfg_StrkOrig_061714_1 CobraCfg_StrkAdj1_061714  
06_17_14_22_41_35_TargetRun CobraCfg_StrkAdj1_061714    
06_18_14_21_43_16_TargetRun CobraCfg_061814_newStrkMaps3    
06_19_14_13_44_30_TargetRun CobraCfg_061914_hndAdj_DmpAdj   Streak based motor maps adjusted for damping and by hand to flatten the ends of the maps near hardstops.
All phi streak-based maps up to this point have been incorrectly shifted since the maps assume they start at zero deg on phi, but in reality that is not the case due to errors in fiber arm coupler alignment
Test Directory in Dropbox TargetConvergence folder XML Used for Test XML Created from Test NOTES
06_23_14_12_19_58_TargetRun msimMaps_062214_4   Switched to 200 bin maps in MSIM update. Discovered bad orientation input for all positioners on this test.
06_23_14_17_00_09_TargetRun msimMaps_062314_1 dmpAdj_msimMaps_062314_1  
06_24_14_08_51_13_TargetRun dmpAdj_msimMaps_062314_1    
Switched to Set B
Test Directory in Dropbox TargetConvergence folder XML Used for Test XML Created from Test NOTES
06_26_14_17_18_33_TargetRun allMapsAllDone_062614 allMapsAllDone_062614_adj1 pId #1 needs to be turned off due to snagging. # steps requested exceeded 50,000(!) in many cases. pId2 also gets snagged and should be turned off
06_27_14_09_41_28_TargetRun allMapsAllDone_062614_adj1 allMapsAllDone_062614_adj2 reverse maps have not been updated. odd data for pId7 on the error vs request plot
06_30_14_22_33_28_dotObscurePhi allMapsAllDone_062614_adj1 none Dot Obscuration Testing. Same target 50 times
07_01_14_10_12_08_TargetRun allMapsAllDone_062614 allMapsAdj_070114 re-do with original maps to test new motor map analysis/update methods
07_01_14_17_09_05_TargetRun allMapsAdj_070114 allMapsAdj_070114adj1 updated both POS and NEG maps
07_01_14_22_49_02_TargetRun allMapsAdj_070114adj1 allMapsAdj_070114adj2  
07_02_14_09_07_18_TargetRun allMapsAdj_070114adj2    
Switched to Set C
Test Directory in Dropbox TargetConvergence folder XML Used for Test XML Created from Test NOTES
07_09_14_16_37_46_TargetRun 070914_set3_allmaps 070914_set3_allmaps_adj1 first target run with 3rd set of Cobras
07_10_14_16_51_12_TargetRun 070914_set3_allmaps_adj1 070914_set3_allmaps_adj2 use adj3 map for next run - same as adj2, but with pid2/J1/rev from 070914_set3_allmaps.xml
07_11_14_19_29_30_TargetRun 070914_set3_allmaps_adj3 070914_set3_allmaps_adj4  
07_14_14_08_25_24_TargetRun 070914_set3_allmaps_adj4   updating enabled. Found that MSIM had been updating and saving. So dumped the final map as 070914_set3_allmaps_adj4_msimAdjusted on the morning of the 15th
07_14_14_21_47_40_TargetRun 070914_set3_allmaps_adj4_msimAdjusted 070914_set3_allmaps_adj5 same as previous, but with updating disabled.
07_15_14_09_06_05_TargetRun 070914_set3_allmaps_adj4 070914_set3_allmaps_adj6 loaded original map before MSIM updated it and running again with no updates to compare with test 07_11_14_19_29_30_TargetRun
07_17_14_04_35_18_TargetRun fullmtrlgy_071514_1 fullmtrlgy_071514_1_adj1  
07_17_14_10_47_26_TargetRun 070914_set3_allmaps_adj6 070914_set3_allmaps_adj7  
07_17_14_22_06_23_TargetRun 071714_setC_merged   same maps as 070914_set3_allmaps_adj7 except for PIDs 5, 7 and 9 which were redone at different ontime settings.

Switched to Set D (repeat of Set A, with a few modifications due to flex interference and broken shaft coupler)

Test Directory in Dropbox TargetConvergence folder XML Used for Test XML Created from Test NOTES
07_19_14_11_58_58_TargetRun allMaps_071913_1 allMaps_071913_1_adj1 pid5 theta rev map looks odd. pid2 phi rev adjustment was very large (-2.42)...need to investigate
07_20_14_10_16_05_TargetRun allMaps_071913_1_adj1   having trouble running adjustmaps.m on the data set. need to debug. convergence got really bad on pid2. pid7 also got worse with adj1
07_20_14_18_09_04_TargetRun allMaps_071913_1_adj1 allMaps_071913_1_adj2 consistent results with previous run using adj1. Need to understand why pid5 is struggling as well
07_21_14_07_48_04_TargetRun allMaps_071913_1_adj2    
07_21_14_23_31_12_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1 allMaps_072114_1_adj1 adj1 looked too severe for theta & phi reverse for pid2 (only a few data points). Kept adjustment anyway
07_22_14_14_41_38_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj1 allMaps_072114_1_adj2 original map (_adj1) included better link lengths for pid6
07_23_14_15_28_24_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj2   results for pid6 look terrible (0% convergence)...all others were effectively unchanged
Start of Performance Stability Testing (no updates between runs)
07_24_14_14_52_33_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj1 allMaps_072114_1_adj3_1 reverted back to adj1 map to run same targets over and over during the weekend
07_24_14_22_34_42_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj1 allMaps_072114_1_adj3_2 re-ran without map adjustment. no noticeable difference in performance from previous run
07_25_14_20_13_03_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj1 allMaps_072114_1_adj3_3 re-ran without map adjustment. pid7 appears to be getting worse with time, need to monitor.
07_26_14_09_46_51_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj1 allMaps_072114_1_adj3_4 re-started msim after this completed. it appears that the outputlog.txt did not save
07_26_14_17_29_32_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj1 allMaps_072114_1_adj3_5 pid7 continues to drift
07_27_14_16_03_29_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj1 allMaps_072114_1_adj3_6  
07_27_14_22_04_53_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj1 allMaps_072114_1_adj3_7 pid7 continues to drift and get worse. Noticed that the outputlog stopped updating about 1 hour into the target run. Appears there is an issue with running mSim continuously without re-starting.
07_28_14_08_16_24_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj1 allMaps_072114_1_adj3_8  
Start of Performance Stability Testing (map updates between runs)
07_28_14_13_44_03_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj3_8 allMaps_072114_1_adj4 finished no-change testing with last test. loaded map adjustments and re-ran target test
07_28_14_21_57_52_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj4 allMaps_072114_1_adj5  
07_29_14_08_33_41_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj5 allMaps_072114_1_adj6  
07_29_14_13_32_51_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj6 allMaps_072114_1_adj7  
07_29_14_21_30_55_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj7 allMaps_072114_1_adj8  
07_30_14_08_44_40_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj8 allMaps_072114_1_adj9 Hrand updated mSim just prior to this test
07_30_14_14_34_51_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj9 allMaps_072114_1_adj10  
07_30_14_22_33_06_TargetRun allMaps_072114_1_adj10 allMaps_072114_1_adj11  

Switched to Set C

Test Directory in Dropbox TargetConvergence folder XML Used for Test XML Created from Test NOTES
08_25_14_08_24_46_TargetRun 070914_set3_allmaps_adj4 082514_setC_allmaps_adj1 First in a series of baseline target convergences for gravity vector testing
08_25_14_15_04_42_TargetRun 082514_setC_allmaps_adj1 082514_setC_allmaps_adj2 mSim crashed during target #74. Ran update anyway
08_26_14_08_25_26_TargetRun 082514_setC_allmaps_adj2 082514_setC_allmaps_adj3  
08_26_14_13_32_16_TargetRun 082514_setC_allmaps_adj3 082514_setC_allmaps_adj4  
08_27_14_08_24_33_TargetRun 082514_setC_allmaps_adj4 082514_setC_allmaps_adj4-1  
08_27_14_14_17_49_TargetRun 082514_setC_allmaps_adj4 082514_setC_allmaps_adj4-2  
08_27_14_22_49_46_TargetRun 082514_setC_allmaps_adj4 082514_setC_allmaps_adj4-3 ready to do tilt test set up for gravity vector testing
08_28_14_11_25_26_TargetRun 082514_setC_allmaps_adj4 082514_setC_allmaps_adj4-4 The first test run with Test Fixture tilted 8.2deg
08_28_14_16_40_02_TargetRun 082514_setC_allmaps_adj4 082514_setC_allmaps_adj4-5  
08_28_14_22_25_26_TargetRun 082514_setC_allmaps_adj4 082514_setC_allmaps_adj4-6  
08_29_14_17_03_31_TargetRun 082914_SetC_allmaps   New MM for Positioner 122 (C7), XML File Contains only Pos. 7 data!
09_02_14_13_23_46_TargetRun 082914_SetC_map7   New MM for Positioner 122 (C7), XML File Contains only Pos. 7 data!
09_03_14_08_38_30_TargetRun 090314_setC_allmapsUpdated   New Targets, (Not representative ones on PID5)
09_03_14_15_18_47_TargetRun 090314_setC_allmaps_adj2    
09_04_14_08_48_38_TargetRun 090314_setC_allmaps_adj3    
09_09_14_13_31_35_TargetRun 090314_setC_allmaps_adj3   Back to the old set of Targets before 9/3/14

Still on Set C

Test Directory in Dropbox TargetConvergence folder XML Used for Test XML Created from Test NOTES
10_14_14_23_02_21_TargetRun 101414_fastNslow   First targets run using Fast and Slow maps
10_15_14_08_16_58_TargetRun 101414_fastNslow   500 targets instead of 100 targets for the first time. didnt analyze prev. 100 targets before starting this one.
10_20_14_09_48_07_TargetRun 102014_setC_allmapsJohannes1.xml 102214_setC_allmaps_Johannes2 500 targets, new updated maps
10_22_14_09_11_34_TargetRun 102214_setC_allmaps_Johannes2.xml 102214_setC_allmaps_Johannes3 test of new map updating, first 151 from previous 500 targets, increased ontimes pid7
10_22_14_17_20_09_TargetRun 102214_setC_allmaps_Johannes3   updated maps to check pid7 improvements

* Keep the table in chronological order with oldest at the top

* The MSIM XML folder on the testbed computer is D:\DevCodePft\Main\user\xml_files

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