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09_04_14_08_48_38_TargetRun 090314_setC_allmaps_adj3    
09_09_14_13_31_35_TargetRun 090314_setC_allmaps_adj3   Back to the old set of Targets before 9/3/14
Still on Set C
Test Directory in Dropbox TargetConvergence folder XML Used for Test XML Created from Test NOTES
10_14_14_23_02_21_TargetRun 101414_fastNslow   First targets run using Fast and Slow maps
10_15_14_08_16_58_TargetRun 101414_fastNslow   500 targets instead of 100 targets for the first time. did not analyze previous 100 targets before starting this one.
 * Keep the table in chronological order with oldest at the top

* The MSIM XML folder on the testbed computer is D:\DevCodePft\Main\user\xml_files \ No newline at end of file

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