Target Runs, Debugging

  • After Chaz and Johannes had seen some images being taken before move finished (12000 steps moves) we added back the wait command
  • Johannes analyzed whether the above issue happens on target runs by manual inspection and concluded it does not occur. (Measured time for moves and mean was always 4.xx ms.)
  • Hrands Timing Calculation is off by a factor of 4 because he uses 1ms interleave interval at every single step (instead of actual ontime) and multiplies it by max number of steps for each positioner in a group and addds all these values for each group (15 groups).
  • Moving direct from previous target position tested on 9/29 target run. Seems to work.
  • Discussed cap of steps per iteration with Hrand, might be problematic for collision avoidance blind moves.
  • Discussed testing of collision avoidance.
  • Analyzed the reason for previous target runs taking long time -> PID3 motor map was off so that 42k steps were commanded at some point -> 65 seconds moves.

-- JohannesGross - 29 Sep 2015

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