Target Testing Debug

  • Found evidence for non moving positioners within target tests. E.g. PID 41 in Test 15_07_28_17_35_02_TargetRun did not move 192 times even though steps were commanded (steps > 5) (calculated by J2_step difference /J2_step, and count number of zero) for PID 17, J2 did not move 117 times, for PID 29, J2 did not move 46 times.
  • Found evidence for J1 not being commanded to move when it was not at the target. E.g. PID 17 (Target 12 :J1 target angle 201, J1 actual angle 418, Target 184 :J1 target angle 329, J1 actual angle 413) PID 29 (Target 199: J1 target angle 212, J1 actual angle 414).

-- JohannesGross - 31 Jul 2015

Topic revision: r1 - 2015-07-31 - JohannesGross
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