Attendees: Don, Richard, Karl, Nadia

Update on SEDM instrument

  • SEDM had made it safely to campus. The cables will be taken out of the box soon.
  • To be back online, ~3 months. The secondary will need to be realuminised. Richard will inquire on possible dates to do it.
  • There appears to be bright aluminium internal parts. Reston will investigate on how to paint this parts to minimize the reflections.

Update on SEDM software

  • Don is porting the pipeline to astroconda.
  • Karl is working on the web interface to show the current schedule.
  • Nadia is working in introducing PS1 calibration.
  • Mickael had provided a finder version to solve the wavelength solution. The results appear good up to 1-3 A.


  • Add the sky background into the DB in the phot table.
  • Add the md5 change in the DB.
  • 18th September 2016 has observations of star clusters, in order to verify the pixel scale. Don will prepare one image with the extracted pixel positions and Nadia will compare it to PS1. Currently the pipeline detects all the objects.
  • Richard will make the new data flow plot for the paper.
  • Nadia will write an initial introduction to the SEDM instrument part.
  • Log all the existing data taken so far into the DB. As we have no information on the requestor, assign it to a default SEDM engineering run.

-- NadiaBlagorodnova - 06 Mar 2017

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