Attendees: Andy Bode, Tom Barlow, Don Neill, Richard Walters, Nadia Blagorodnova, Jennifer


- They need to be mounted on a "christmas tree" fashion. Currently, there are some security concerns of so frequent personal intervention. There is a power switch that could be controlled via an interface. Maybe a tripod should work. There should be an internet plug in order to connect the remote power control. Right now is in a box with the name of Steve. An option is to get the lamps in the spider. However, the power boxes need to go somewhere else. - Talk with Jeff about mounting the lamps for the next run.

Wavelength solution:

- Cd reduces the residuals on the wavelength solution, but does not solve the problem. - H alpha is 100 A off. H beta is slightly better. The problem is not a simple offset and needs to be investigated in depth. - He lamp could be included in the calibration if the lines have clear emission in the red.


Guider camera sometimes crashes. One possible solution is to take longer cadence for the guider. Let some time between shots so the instrument does not have any issues with files.

Pointing model

- GRB cam requirements were more relaxed related to SEDM. - Next step is to study the pointing RMS.

Remote handling of the telescope - Richard has some scripts to remotely opening the telescope. - Could use this software to remotely open the dome to cool down the telescope. - The scripts may also be used to take flats.

On-site handling of the instrument - The instrument will need to be brought back to Caltech labs to fix the lens just before the CCD. The coating was applied on the wrong side and needs to be changed. - As well the retain array needs to be strengthened, so it does not move. On a past run, once it showed a significant displacement. - Baffling?

Goals for the future

- Data reduction pipeline are quite scriptable. - Only step is to solve


There are 4 nights to be done in this semester. Those should be done during new moon in January 2016. Probably after AAS. We can get the camera online before the run to test it beforehand.

Next meeting: 14th January. 1:30PM.

-- NadiaBlagorodnova - 23 Nov 2015

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