Thursday 12th January 2017

Attendees: Don, Richard, Reed, Karl and Nadia

SEDM hardware report

  • Don reports progress made with Reston on the design of the new enclosure. It shall improve the thermal stability, as well as reduce the weight of the instrument.
  • The downtime time for the instrument shall be ~9 weeks.

SEDM on Kitt Peak

  • Caltech has a contract with the Kitt Peak telescope until 2018 with NOAO. Possibility of extending that.
  • In order to test the SEDM on Kitt Peak, there could be two options: 1) piggy back behind. This could be an easy option. 2) mount it on the side. It is desired to tot move the RoboAO too much.
  • If only the IFU is needed, then the design could be adjusted to a smaller space. A smaller camera could be added for guiding.
  • The instrument integration could imply to construct a global software which integrates the planning for RoboAO, the IR camera and SEDM together. These would be a project in its own, as it is non-trivial to create a unique schedule.

SEDM in India

  • There is another potential good site in India, which could host another replica of SEDM.

SEDM software status report

  • The first version of the code is complete and ready for testing.
  • There is a need for an intermediate layer which can hide some of the more complex steps.
  • Will start testing this functionalities in the current pipelines.
  • Any requests to add new fields to the DB tables will be sent to Karl.

-- NadiaBlagorodnova - 12 Jan 2017

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