Tested Target Runs with no homing
  • Tested no homing first on the 3 - 7 - 11 set
  • '15_10_07_16_33_23_TargetRun' and '15_10_09_15_02_14_TargetRun' are 1-5-9 set without homing
  • No homing created problems on the second set because underdamped motor maps and frequent region mess-ups created almost unusable data.
  • Turned homing back on and decided to wait for Peter to tell us whether he needs homing for distortion map.
  • 15_10_12_13_42_58_TargetRun is first run with homing back on. now positioners should come back to performance.

-- JohannesGross - 13 Oct 2015

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