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Latest News from OIR

  • Palomar Adaptive Optics + Lucky Cam named one of TIME magazine's 50 Best Inventions of the Year (2007):
  • Triplespec First Light - the Cornell-led, no moving parts, cross-dispersed echelle has successful first run on the 200" telescope (October 2, 2007)
  • Low cost MEMs AO testbed locks loop in the Robinson Lab (August 15, 2007)
  • Palomar Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics achieves 48% K-band Strehl in superior seeing conditions at Palomar Mountain (A. Bouchez, LGS Team Lead) (July 29, 2007)
  • COO awarded $1.1M by National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program for systems engineering and development of low-order wavefront sensors for PALM-3000 project (R. Dekany, PI) (Sept 3, 2006)

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Caltech Instrumentation Notes

# Title Format Owner Status Ver. Date
601 Caltech-TMT IRMOS Feasibility Study Report .pdf K. Taylor Released 7.1 2/28/06
602 An Integrated UV/Optical/NIR Approach to TMT Instrumentation .doc R. Dekany Released 1.0 4/25/06
603 Palomar: PALAO Interface Control Document .pdf A. Moore Draft 2.0 7/7/06
604 OIWFS Development for TMT .doc R. Dekany Released 1.0 5/8/06
605 Palomar LGS flux .pdf A. Bouchez Released 2.1 7/27/06
606 Palomar BTO transmission .pdf A. Bouchez Released 2.0 8/7/06
607 Palomar: Trial run of SWIFT installation .pdf A. Moore Released 1.0 8/2/06
608 Palomar: PALAO optical beam heights .pdf A. Moore Released 1.0 8/2/06
609 Palomar Laser Diagnostics Requirements .pdf A. Bouchez draft 1.0 8/7/06
610 PALM-3000 telemetry requirements .pdf A. Bouchez draft 1.0 8/11/06
611 OIR Project Scope Statement Template .doc R. Dekany Released 1.0 9/29/06
612 PALM-3000 Science Requirements Document (SRD) .doc R. Dekany Released 1.01 3/17/06
613 BTO Off-zenith Calibration .pdf A. Bouchez Released 1.0 10/30/06
614 P3k Scintillation Notes .pdf M. Britton Released 1.0 12/05/06
615 P3K Conjugate Height Selection .pdf R. Dekany Released 1.0 01/26/07
616 PALM-LGS non-common path flexure .pdf A. Bouchez released 2.0 3/21/07
617 Laser Automation Computer Requirements .pdf A. Bouchez released 1.1 3/12/07
618 Astrometric Considerations for PALM-3000 Woofer/Tweeter Configuration .xxx V. Velur      
619 Palomar LLT flexure .pdf A. Bouchez released 1.0 4/20/07
620 PALM-3000 IRTT Dichroic Optimization .pdf R. Dekany draft 0.3 6/6/07
621 LOWFS Dark Current .pdf A. Bouchez released 1.0 6/8/07
622 PALM-3000 optical configuration study .pdf A. Bouchez released 1.0 7/15/07
623 PALM-3000 observing scenarios .pdf A. Bouchez released 1.0 7/16/07
624 PALM-3000 Instrument Requirements Document .pdf R. Dekany draft 0.6 7/17/07
625 Capability Summary for the 5-meter Hale Telescope .pdf R. Dekany released 1.0 7/27/07
626 PALM-3000 Error Budget Summary (P3K EBS) .pdf R. Dekany      
627 PALM-3000 Project Management Plan (PMP) .pdf A. Bouchez released 1.0 11/8/07
628 PALM-3000 Software Requirements Document (SwRD) .pdf A. Bouchez draft 0.3 11/8/07
629 available          

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