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<IRMS mini-Study Team Meeting #4 >

Date: Tues, Oct 18, 2011
Time: 9am - 10am PDT
Location: Caltech, Cahill room 126

Participation (update as appropriate)

Attending: Matthews, Weber, Dekany

Dial-in (U.S. & Canada): 888 387-8686
Conference Code: 746-0475


  • 0900 - 0915 WBS definition - Rich
  • 0915 - 0930 MOSFIRE costing / IRMS cost exercise - Rich
  • 0930 - 0940 Optomechanical update - Bob


  • Draft WBS for IRMS costing.  We discussed the difficulty of actually assembling a full cost for MOSFIRE, given the different cost structures at UCLA and COO, in-kind contributions made at both organizations, the unique problems with the Keck rotator bearing (still ongoing), and the heritage of UCLA software development within MOSFIRE.  Similarly, extrapolation of certain costs to TMT, such as the Keck Observatory software environment and interface, may be just as uncertain as an entirely new cost estimate based on what we know about the TMT software environment.  
  • We decided that Bob would make an initial pass through the WBS to identify items where MOSFIRE costs were reasonably well known, those where we'll need UCLA input and/or WMKO input, and those where uncertainties negate the utilization of MOSFIRE costs for our IRMS cost estimate.
  • In the meantime, Rich will expand the OIWFS section of the draft WBS for costing at an increased level of detail, for example, allowing us to use Keck TRICK costs as guidelines.

  • We briefly touched upon handing and shipping issues for IRMS.  One thing that I hadn't necessarily foreseen is that despite the constant gravity orientation for IRMS, the AIV activities require full articulation of the instrument - basically the instrument has to be flipped over several times to assemble it.  So, although alignment tolerances need not be held as tightly against gravity in situ during observations, we cannot obviate the need for all the fixturing (both at the AIV site and the summit) that are needed for MOSFIRE.

  • Finally, we'll hold our optical design mini-review tomorrow, October 19, 2011 at 1p in Cahill 126.  We can link anyone in by video or phone.  Please email your preference and information if you'll attend remotely.

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