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PFS TWiki for JPL / Caltech deliverables


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 JPL and Caltech are partnering with IPMU, NAOJ, ASIAA, LNA, JHU, Princeton, and LAM in developing PFS. JPL, Caltech, and ASIAA share responsibility for development of the Prime Focus Instrument (PFI) including the 2,400-fiber Cobra positioner.

Key Pasadena Personnel

  • Lead Scientist - Richard Ellis; PFI Scientist - Michael Seiffert
  • Cobra Lead - David Braun; PFI subsystems engineering - David Braun, Roger Smith, and Michael Seiffert
  • PFI subsystems engineering - Johannes Gross, Chaz Morantz, Roger Smith, and Michael Seiffert
  • JPL Management - Robin Bruno; Caltech Management - Richard Dekany

Project Status

  • PFS is in Preliminary Design, having successfully passed CoDR on March 19, 2012.
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