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Testbed Performance Back, Code Improvements

  • All production positioners show excellent performance after 3 map updates.
  • Test 16_04_22_15_00_05_TargetRun was done with motormaps just from 16_04_18_11_34_01_msimCenters new 10 centers data and new analysis script.
  • Results not extraordinary but good data for subsequent mapupdate (underdamped).
  • Maybe addition of damping factor can make the method even better. to be compared with new scale initial maps.
  • Comparison with latest map shows centersMap to be underdamped. (Consistent with initial guess).
  • Changed analyzeTargetConvergence -> processTargetLogs to use early convergence targets (filling up the vectors to 10).

-- JohannesGross - 26 Apr 2016

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