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Status description

  • Johannes was away 3 weeks.
  • Chaz and Hrand tested system with camera to "see" reverse moves.
  • On 8/31/15 Hrand, Thomas, Matt, Chaz and Johannes met at synchrotron.
  • Chaz showed video evidence of positioner 13 moving in wrong direction.
  • Visual observation showed that positioner 13 moves reversely within a large forward move (moves, stalls out, moves back a little, stalls, moves forward until hs)
  • Pos. 13 was thus discarded as proof.
  • Matt, Mitsuko, Johannes and Thomas observe 60 cycles of back and forth on every other positioners, do not see any reversals.
  • Positioner 9 fails while testing. Probing shows that the board does not send correct signals.
  • Positioner 9 is plugged into a different output and does not move neither (maybe not connected properly).
  • Board error on Pos. 9 to be investigated. Potentially related to blown resistors on neighboring cobra.


  • Due to the long time we are already debugging the system, we decided to go back to previous firmware.
  • Thomas will compile new version of previous firmware because compiled version was not saved.
  • Another possibility is that the positioners are broken from to heavy calibration moves.

-- JohannesGross - 01 Sep 2015

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