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SWIFT performance predictions

On-axis wavefront error as a function of NGS magnitude in two different seeing conditions (median 1.1" and excellent 0.7"). The crossover point between NGS-AO and LGS-AO performance occurs at around V=11.5. Note that the LGS system can only track tip/tilt stars with V<17.5.

Ensquared energy in a 240 mas spaxial, as a function of NGS magnitude.

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="swift_palao_wfe.png" attr="" comment="" date="1241810753" name="swift_palao_wfe.png" path="swift_palao_wfe.png" size="56329" stream="swift_palao_wfe.png" user="Main.AntoninBouchez" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="swift_palao_240e.png" attr="" comment="" date="1241810768" name="swift_palao_240e.png" path="swift_palao_240e.png" size="59014" stream="swift_palao_240e.png" user="Main.AntoninBouchez" version="2"
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