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 TWiki's Palomar/SEDM web The Palomar/SEDM web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM Copyright 2021 by contributing authors 2019-02-20T22:47:00Z SedmPubs http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/SedmPubs 2019-02-20T22:47:00Z SEDM Science Publications and Policy The authorship of any paper that includes SEDM data should include one member of the builders list (below) on a rotating basis... (last changed by DonNeill) DonNeill WebHome http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/WebHome 2018-12-12T06:32:48Z Palomar 60 inch telescope SED Machine (SEDM) TWiki Introduction The SED Machine (SEDM) is a rapid classification integral field spectrograph optimized for use... (last changed by AlisonDugas) AlisonDugas TODOWithPriorities http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/TODOWithPriorities 2018-09-05T18:52:03Z TODO web site 5 Add to the page a display with the current SEDM schedule. Likely for this coordination with the SEDM robot is required. In Progress Richard... (last changed by AlisonDugas) AlisonDugas DatabaseAndDataAccess http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/DatabaseAndDataAccess 2018-07-31T22:22:04Z Database and Data Access Location The database is currently in testing on the Pharos machine. Current version in Don Neill`s Github. Data access functions are in... (last changed by AlisonDugas) AlisonDugas Minutes12thJune2018 http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/Minutes12thJune2018 2018-06-12T16:50:56Z SEDM meeting 12th June 2018 Attendees: Michael, Richard, Nadia New MLA: New MLA will arrive tomorrow Wednesday 13th June 2018. There are 5 different requested... (last changed by NadiaBlagorodnova) NadiaBlagorodnova SedmTeamMeetings http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/SedmTeamMeetings 2018-06-12T16:16:34Z Meetings List of minutes of past meetings below: 2015 Minutes 26th October 2015 Minutes 23th November 2015 2016 Minutes 17th October 2016 Minutes... (last changed by NadiaBlagorodnova) NadiaBlagorodnova Database http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/Database 2018-03-14T21:40:13Z Database design Insert link to DB schema here. SEDM web site http://pharos.caltech.edu/ TODO with priorities Comments (last changed by NadiaBlagorodnova) NadiaBlagorodnova Minutes13thOctober2017 http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/Minutes13thOctober2017 2017-10-13T17:53:00Z Thursday 13th October 2017 Attendees: Richard, Charis, Karl and Nadia Communication between GROWTH marshal and SEDM and other instruments 1: Instrument group... (last changed by NadiaBlagorodnova) NadiaBlagorodnova Minutes06thOctober2017 http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/Minutes06thOctober2017 2017-10-06T16:45:32Z Agreement that we need to use the same Python distribution in both `modon` and `pharos`. New agreement on where to put the reduced files. Raw files: /scr2/sedm/raw... (last changed by NadiaBlagorodnova) NadiaBlagorodnova Minutes17thJuly2017 http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/Minutes17thJuly2017 2017-07-17T21:54:05Z Meeting notes SEDM instrument Currently the instrument is going through some tests in the throughput. Would be good to get the plots of throughput from Zmax, measured... (last changed by NadiaBlagorodnova) NadiaBlagorodnova Minutes1stMay2017 http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/Minutes1stMay2017 2017-05-01T21:19:39Z Meeting notes SEDM effort Don has compiled a spreadsheet document listing the tasks remaining for SEDM to be done and workload. New tasks has been added to quantify... (last changed by NadiaBlagorodnova) NadiaBlagorodnova Minutes19thApril2017 http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/Minutes19thApril2017 2017-04-19T20:16:05Z ZTF meeting talking about SEDM Attendees: Don, Shri, Kevin, Matthew, Ashish, Scott, Thomas, Chris, Karl, David, Lin, Anna, Nadia, Richard, Quan Zhi, Jacob SEDM related... (last changed by NadiaBlagorodnova) NadiaBlagorodnova Minutes20thMarch2017 http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/Minutes20thMarch2017 2017-03-24T18:40:51Z SEDM web site meeting Attendees: Richard, Karl, Nadia Update on SEDM web site Karl has created the basic SEDM web interface that allows to search for objects... (last changed by KarlVyhmeister) KarlVyhmeister Minutes6thMarch2017 http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/Minutes6thMarch2017 2017-03-06T22:14:26Z Attendees: Don, Richard, Karl, Nadia Update on SEDM instrument SEDM had made it safely to campus. The cables will be taken out of the box soon. To be back... (last changed by NadiaBlagorodnova) NadiaBlagorodnova Minutes3rdFebruary2017 http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/Minutes3rdFebruary2017 2017-02-03T20:16:00Z Attendees: Nick, Don, Nadia Update on plate scale X Y seems to provide less distortion than hexagonal coordinates. The plate scale was tested by Don with... (last changed by NadiaBlagorodnova) NadiaBlagorodnova Minutes23rdJanuary2017 http://www.oir.caltech.edu/twiki_oir/bin/view/Palomar/SEDM/Minutes23rdJanuary2017 2017-01-24T02:29:59Z Monday 23rd January 2017 Attendees: Don, Nadia, Nick (telecon) SEDM paper discussion Nick has agreed to contribute with Section 2 (Instrument overview)to the... (last changed by NadiaBlagorodnova) NadiaBlagorodnova