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Attendees: Tom, Don, Richard and Nadia.

News: - Don have tried the C version of LA cosmic and now the processing time is: only run on exposures > 60s and gets the processing time per image from 20 min to about 5 min per image. - Nadia have been interacting with Rollin Thomas, from LBL, who provided interesting ideas regarding modelling the background for subtraction purposes.

4th November at 1PM (Wednesday), there is a meeting with Steve Groom-IPAC (archive of SEDM data): - Comments need to be sent regarding fits files names, folder names and fields to be added into the fits files.

Engineering objectives for the next November 14th - 18th run:

- Check new modifications to the pipeline have the expected accuracy and performance. - Test the pointing accuracy. Checking the balance of the telescope on site. (Similar case to Robo-AO). - T-point to be done the first day if there is a significant change in the balance. - Try new acquisition method using Jennifer's code. - Gather additional data on pointing offsets to test whether there are any systematics. - Initial classification using SNID. Nadia will install SNID on pharos. - Test initial automatisation developments.

Science objectives:

- Gather an initial list of bright-ish targets for SEDM. By the beginning of the run, there should be a list of young and interesting targets. Either any of the P60 follow-up candidates, or new and young objects. To be mentioned in iPTF meeting on Wednesday. - Automatic initial target list could be produced from marshall candidates. - Put together an observing plan for 5 nights.

Topics of improvement: - Simulate cosmic rays in a bright star image in order to find the optimum cosmic ray removal parameters (Don). - PSF extraction of spectra from IFU (Nadia). - Automatisation of exposures (Richard). - Automatisation of power control for the lamps (to confirm with John). Where to mount them, power control, etc.

Next meeting: 9th November at 1:30PM

-- NadiaBlagorodnova - 27 Oct 2015

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