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Minutes Monday 21st November 2016

  • Hardware update. There have been a leak of the cooling liquid inside of the instrument. A pound of water has been discovered under the instrument on Sunday. Jamie and Nick are looking into the extent of the damage.

  • Future improvements. Changing the lenslets for new ones having the coating in the correct side. Given that Nick Konidaris could be consulted and create a documentation on the alignment procedure, it would be a good occasion to establish what are the steps. Don is in touch with Nick for exploring new ways to increase the throughput in the blue.
  • Ned to agree on a times slot to transport the SEDM to campus and back. Need to coordinate with the gaps in the ZTF schedule.
  • The box for transporting SEDM is on P60 dome. Are there trucks large enough to transport the SEDM?
  • Given the instrument change, on Wednesday during the iPTF meeting we need to ask the collaboration to provide a list of reference images.

  • Database Updates. Karl is working on implementing a DB interface to log every request and every exposure.
  • Acquisition objects. We may remove taking acquisition images of objects which are SSO/variable stars of simply very bright. The ~1 min acquisition image may be a hug overhead for bright objects.
  • For ZTF, we need to create a completely automatic extraction, as we won't wait for scanners to finish their requests.
  • Guider program can not take more than 30 exposures before failing. This is an issue that shall be investigated. The code that has the problem is a VBasic code and lines in Nemea. Pylos has the same code. Don could revise the code to see if there is a memory leak. Currently, there is no way to restart only one camera, but not the other. We will need a 32 bit machine (ask Patrick?) that we could use to test this system. Whenever the instrument is brought to campus, would be good to have the tests.

-- NadiaBlagorodnova - 21 Nov 2016

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