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SEDM meeting 12th June 2018

Attendees: Michael, Richard, Nadia

New MLA:

  • New MLA will arrive tomorrow Wednesday 13th June 2018. There are 5 different requested: 3 have the same size (slightly larger spaxels than the previous). 2 more with larger spaxels.
  • Lab tests will run on Thursday and Friday 14th and 15th.
  • If satisfactory, then the new MLA will be travelling on the mountain on Monday / Tuesday.
  • Would need to assemble a test procedure to take spectra on Monday night. Which targets we observe, what time and what scripts to run to get the throughput (ask Don).
  • If the test on sky is not satisfactory, then Michael and Richard will return the old configuration.

Current optical bench:

Michael has a suspition that provided the current configuration may be causing part of the bad focus. The IFU barrel and the focus lens seem to focus the images before the plane of the detector. Each camera has an uncertainty of 0.5mm and for some cameras it seems that the focus is better. In order to achieve better focus, the optics would need to be redesigned.

Michael is looking on how this shall be adapted if changing cameras to ANDOR.

Procedure on Palomar for Monday night:

  • Focus of the isntrument.
  • Alignment of the new MLA in the instrument.
  • Early time day calibrations to make the cube with the new MLA. Make sure the current pipeline handles well this new MLA.
  • Verify the new cube. If not good, then revert to the old MLA during daytime.
  • If the new cube looks good, let the system to take a 2nd set of claibrations.
  • Wait for the first standard stars and compute the throughout.
  • Take the set of standard objects to derive more throughput measurements.
-- Nadia Blagorodnova - 2018-06-12


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