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Commissioning Plans

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Current Major Items:

  • Calibration Lamps: current system requires intensive human involvement (Don, Jeff)
  • DRP wavelengths: achieve an acceptable wavelength solution and specify the calibration lamps required to achieve this (Don)
  • RC photometry: develop photometry pipeline (Nadia)
  • Instrument Control: achieve operational robustness (Richard Walters)
  • Data Reduction: achieve operational robustness (Don, Nadia)
  • Fix secondary vacuum system to improve pointing stability
  • Re-acquire pointing model data once secondary stabilized
  • Instrument Throughput: characterize both spectroscopic and photometric throughputs (Don, Nadia)
    • throughput now characterized with Standard stars.
  • Operational Efficiency: characterize procedures that will optimize target observing (Don, Nadia, Richard)
    • pointing still limits acquisition and requires astrometry.net interaction. Consuming ~40s of overhead per science target.

Completed Items:

  • IFU optics stabilized by clamp that replaces spring
  • Calibration Lamps: now fully automated
  • DRP wavelengths: calibrated using Xe, Cd, and Hg arc observations
  • RC photometry: automated pipeline completed
  • Instrument Control: robotically operated
  • Data Reduction: photometry is completely automated, spectroscopy required minimal interaction

Commissioning Reports:

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