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Precision-Wavefront Science on the 5.1 Meter Hale Telescope at Palomar Mountain

Treat as Caltech Proprietary

Unique Science Capabilities

  •     Access to visible spectral bands (predominantly R-band, down to H-alpha)
  •     Improved imaging resolution
  •     Improved photometric precision in J, H, K (up to 94% Strehl, sigma_SR ~ 1.5%)
  •     Improved contrast (in both IR and red)

PALM-3000 Instrumentation

* 06_MRI_Project_Description_v26.pdf: As submitted Project Description

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="06_MRI_Project_Description_v26.pdf" attr="" comment="As submitted Project Description" date="1139812926" name="06_MRI_Project_Description_v26.pdf" path="06_MRI_Project_Description_v26.pdf" size="624794" stream="06_MRI_Project_Description_v26.pdf" user="Main.RichardDekany" version="1"
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