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  • Joe Tufts: beware of resistances in couplings; Feeney will add these to model and re-compute pressures and flows.
  • Joe and Greg: because Archon enclosure is highly conductive, and connected to the heat sink then insulating the walls wont have much effect.
  • Roger: acknowledged. We'll review when we have thermal images. There are several work arounds: 1) bias the supply temperature to the low side assuming we gate some dT across the walls of the hoses so they still meet the 1C requirement. 2) relax the requirement off we are very close to the 1C limit! 3) place some insulation between heat exchanger and Arcon enclosure walls (nylon washers). etc. ... or 4) in the case that the temperature rise is much worse than projected, place an insulative cover over the Archons.
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